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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 23, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> free and defiant. colonel gaddafi's son seif al- islam appears in tripoli despite rebel claims that he has been arrested. >> men and women have stood firm against them and managed to break the backbone against the rebels -- the backbone of the rebels. >> colonel gaddafi opposing forces fight back against the rebels. still no sign of the whereabouts of colonel gaddafi. his son says that he is safe and well in tripoli. welcome to bbc world news. also, prosecutors in new york are moving to drop a sexual assault charges against former imf chief dominique strauss- kahn.
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and sir richard branson and's mother and was carried from the flames in their holiday home. hello and welcome. rebels advancing into the libyan capital of tripoli, and now the balance of politics is not clear. let's look a developments overnight. colonel gaddafi's sun seif al- islam made an appearance a day after the international criminal court had been told he had been detained by opposition forces. many streets are quiet. there are some areas where neither side has control. colonel khadafy's whereabouts are not known. the libyan rebel leader mustafa abdul jalil has urged
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fighters to stop gaddafi. >> tripoli at the moment is in a much better state than yesterday. yesterday the attack was vicious and the bombing was vicious. today we were able to repel a number of attacks. around 80% of tripoli is under our full control or maybe 75%. the people have noticed in the past few hours the fighting had subsided. >> our correspondent matthew price sent this report from tripoli. >> in the dark of the tripoli night, seif al-islam emerged from the shadows, clearly not under rubble of last. he said he was there to dismiss the rumors.
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>> i want to refute all rumors and lies. nato and the west has stopped radiobroadcast and have launched warfare and through the media they have managed to smuggle into the country gangs, but the libyan people have stood firm against them and managed to break the backbone of the rebels and gangs and rats. >> he took a foreign cameraman on a tour of part of the city. they drove past the checkpoints controlled by gaddafi loyalists, past groups of people lining up to be given weapons. it was a short drive, but covered a sizable area abound colonel gaddafi's compound and the southeastern part of tripoli.
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clearly these are in government hands. seif al-islam convoy has just left. away from our camera he told us that they had broken the backbone of the rebels. he said that we are winning. when i asked whether his father was safe in tripoli? he said, of course. he was smiling and appeared to be pumped with adrenaline. where precisely the balance of power lies is not clear. in parts of the capital, rebel forces are in control after their astonishing advance on tripoli on the weekend. they believe victory is in within sight. >> first, the people wanda battl -- the people have onwon.
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>> they are meeting fierce resistance from gaddafi forces. his loyalists are fighting back in parts of tripoli. the sudden appearance of seif al-islam said just yesterday to have been captured by the rebels will only embolden them further. matthew bryza, tripoli. >> let's take you to tripoli. this is about 1 kilometre from green square, which has been renamed marxists square by the rebels. you can hear gunfire and you can see smoke in the last minute or so. the camera just turning around, as you can see it evidence of fighting. the battle for tripoli and still continues. our correspondent was there
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yesterday and is now back in zawiya. he said that a lot of the rebels pulled back from central tripoli last night because it was not safe enough for them to remain. according to a government spokesman, he says that gaddafi forces are in control of 80% of the city. yesterday rebel fighters said that they control of 95% of tripoli, so that is contradictory. there's heavy gunfire, as you can hear. the battle for tripoli continues. confusion, also, overnight about the arrest of seif al-islam and mohammad gaddafi, both of them sons of moammar gaddafi. the icc put out a statement
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yesterday saying they had reports that he had been captured and arrested by the rebels. he appeared overnight in tripoli, defiance and very much a free man. i have been asking a spokesman for the international criminal court what happens. >> the information about the arrest of seif al-islam, we were trying to confirm that by contacting the national transitional council in libya. seif al-islam gaddafi was not under of the icc. he was not detained in any way. >> it is very misleading, because the icc put out a statement yesterday that the rebels did have him under arrest. what did the rebels say to you about his whereabouts? did he escape or was it a mistaken identity? >> what we were trying to do yesterday was to confirm information. we did not received any official confirmation.
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we receive information, but not an official confirmation from their side about the arrest of seif al-islam. >> what information did you receive on the ground about where he had been picked up and where he had been detained? what subsequently have you found out today? >> today and yesterday what happened is that the media was reporting about his arrest. we tried to contact different persons of the transitional council and there was different opinions and answers. in that is why we said there was no official confirmation about his arrest. >> it is quite embarrassing for the icc, bearing in mind also that another son mohamad appears to have been detained and escaped. what do you know about mohamed gaddafi? gulet mohamed gaddafi is not one of the suspects that the icc requested to be arrested, so we did not ask for information about him.
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as for seif al-islam, we did not make any announcement that he was under our custody. there was information that was not officially confirmed, in this meeting. >> we also spoke with a correspondent for the london evening standard and i asked him what he thought was happening now in tripoli. >> there was a rumor that the tide was in favor of the insurgents. now the tide of rumors going against them. that is all we can say it the moment. the battle for tripoli is going. nobody on planet earth can tell us exactly where it stands up the moment. >> what we do know is that parts of tripoli still remain in the hands of gaddafi. bearing in mind that seif al- islam took the camera crews around parts of the city still under his control. >> yes, and there are two identifiable centers.
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one of them is the books also the rixos hotel and the other is a bunker. >> which is near the hotel. >> correct. they do have armed fighters and they may be running out of people, they have been dishing out arms on the streets. they have been very intelligent in inthe information war by keeping the world guessing about gaddafi's whereabouts. there is the coastal road from the west being blocked by pro- gaddafi loyalists. his hometown is definitely not in the hands of insurgents. >> focusing on tripoli, is this the worst of all scenarios if there is a last stand by gaddafi
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forces? >> yes, it will not be a clinical or classical issue. it is very difficult. i don't see any hardened street fighters. with libya, but move on to some business news. the italian oil companies in particular are ready to go in. >> they are ready to go in and get the oil to start pumping once again. we said yesterday that 1.5 million barrels per day exported, 85% of that went to europe and one-third of that went to italy. so italy saw a big effect. >> it is a good quality oil. >> is cheap and it is good and easy to turn into usable oil.
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the country has 95% of its hard- currency from oil sales. 95% of the government's budget is on oil sales, so it is crucial to get the pipelines running again. >> the euro zone is not looking good again. >> it is not. gdp numbers in the last couple weeks are poor. not only the problems in the peripheral, but now it is straining to the courts. court is germany and france. the purchasing managers' index today, a lead indicator of the way things are headed, they dropped through the lowest in tw years. this is off the back of stagnant growth in the likes of germany and france. -- lowest growth of the purchasing managers' index in two years.
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>> gold is trading at record highs. more on that in about 15 minutes time. >> a judge is expected to dismiss a sexual assault charges against the former head of the imf, dominique strauss-kahn. the amusement arcades, which are called for part of some of the oldest seaside resorts in britain could be a thing of the past soon. that's the warning comes from the arcade owners. new tax regulations being the reason. now this report on the british coast. >> sand, sea, and occasional stars. right along the coast. traditional resorts have been offering tried and tested attractions for decades. at the other end of the promise not to there are signs that this resource has seen better days. >> it is all about the weather. if we don't have good weather, people don't visit. >> the summer months are when
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people visit. . it's becoming >> the running cost will go back to seasonal. when we go back to a seasonal, they will say why come to the coast? this will be a sad story. >> the owners of the amusement arcades say things are about to get much tougher for them if the government increases taxes. for every machine, the potential prize money costs more than its worth to pay the game. that would lead to them paying out more to the government. >> the impact will be more arcade's will be closing. there will be more. five under of us are left and some of us on the edge. our members need help, not -- not a new taxation system.
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>> there will be winners and losers. a treasury spokesperson said they believe machine games duty will be fairer than the current system as the tax will be directly linked to a machine profits. bbc news reporting. >> your watching bbc world news. the headlines, colonel gaddafi's son and heir apparent has appeared in tripoli. when seif al-islam is not being held by rebels. the fierce fighting carrying on in tripoli today. these are live pictures. the camera is just spinning around. we have no control over that. it is catching explosions. you can hear the sound of gunfire as well in tripoli. rebel fighters seemed to have pulled back from the center of the capital overnight.
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our correspondent has reported that. and gaddafi loyalists say they have control of over 80% of the city. there is fierce fighting continuing. our correspondent is with the rebels, saying that they believe the apparent turnaround of events in tripoli is significant. >> i think it says a lot about the fact that tripoli has not fallen, that the gaddafi family remains in control, and that this fight for the capital is not over by a long way. \ we left tripoli at sunset last night with a unit of rebels we have been traveling with. they left because they said they simply don't feel that it is safe enough to stay in the city overnight. they are not from tripoli. they are unit from the western area of llibya, but they
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have been leading the offensive up the coast. the rebel units that have been leading this offensive into tripoli don't feel they can stay in the city. i think that signifies how week their grip on the capital is. everybody is saying this is on the matter of time. i asked one of the rebel fighters how long this will take andy said this might take a week or two, but we will win. so i don't think that they believe this will be over in one or two inches daydays. the fact that the rebels' advance so quickly was a surprise. we all wondered when the resistance would come. seif al-islam, the son of gaddafi, said they were luring the rebels into a trap. that may be the case.
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they fell back into the city where they know, in the streets they know. now they are on the counteroffensive. >> charges of sexual assault leveled at the former head of the imf dominique strauss-kahn are expected to be dropped. new york prosecutors have held talks with the hotel maid who claimed he tried to rape her. per lawyer says she is being denied justice. -- her lawyer. >> for three months he has been a criminal defendant. a vip politician accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. within hours, dominique strauss- kahn will be freed to leave america. if, as expected, the judge approved a request from prosecutors to dismiss the case. district or attorney -- the district attorney's offices there was a hurry to sexual encounter between the two. but as a forensic and physical evidence does not prove her
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claim of sexual contact being forced. so a trial would hinge on the accuser's credibility prosecutor. reseda a woman had lied to them on various occasions, including about a previous rate. she also changed your account about what she did after the alleged attack. -- a previous rape. >> she continued to tell lies to the district attorney. >> the nafissatou diallo was informed of the decision in a 15-minute show down with prosecutors. her lawyers say the district attorney is bias in denying justice to her. >> this is an innocent victim. he has turned his back on the forensic, medical, and other physical evidence in the case. >> the former head of the imf has always maintained his innocence. defense lawyers have implied that any sexual contact was consensual.
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mr. dominique strauss-kahn will still face a civil case in america. the man once thought of as the future president of france has begun to rebuild his reputation back home. >> andy coulson, a former editor of the news of the world newspaper arrested on suspicion of phone hacking, was still being paid by news international while he was working for david cameron, the british prime minister. allegations of phone hacking at his former newspaper which was recently closed down prompted mr. andy coulson to resign. he has denied any wrongdoing. 90 kurdish guerrillas have been killed by turkish air strikes in the mountains of northern iraq. the strikes are the first against the rebels for more than a year. the world's most famous -- one of the world's most famous song riders has died at the age of 78. jerry leiber is best known for
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writing elvis presley hit count of and in jail house rock. he passed away in los angeles after a cardiac arrest. now to support. >> the indian defeat in cricket. the press in india have been fairly scathing for the players, really angry. >> in terms of selection or training? >> the fact that they put them through a fairly grueling year and they feel it impacted the player's performance. it has been described as chaotic and incorrigible. the players underperformed and they have injuries, but their schedule involved a winter tour of south africa, a world cup, a tour of the west indies and a tour of england and more. it is not surprising they were under par.
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their captain was a bit more pragmatic yesterday. >> things have been happening around. it has been challenged throughout the series. we cannot pinpoint this is the reason why we did not do well. but also, we should not take anything back from the english. they played really well. i think that they were really good. >> he was very generous in defeat yesterday at. a few of the indian players like feels like being out of touch at the moment. the mobile phone-throwing championships are fantastic. you're filling them as far as you can. the record is 96 meters for the best in. the in -- the best in the championship. i did better than i anticipated. i do drop-lot although i did not
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throw it. that was in finland in the last day or so. the ones that gets thrown are all recycled. >> that's good. thank you very much. that's an alternative sport. let's move on. oscar-winning actress kate windlass has been in a real-life drama on. the caribbean on she rescued the 90-year-old mother of sir richard branson from a house fire. caitlin's looks and her family were staying there when there was a fire started by lightning early in the morning. -- kate winslett. >> fire spread through the home of richard branson, apparently hit by lightning, the building went up in flames. among the guests were the british actress kate. on-screen she had almost gone down in the titanic.
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now off screen she was facing danger. another guest was richard branson's 90-year- old yeaold mr eve. >> kate carried my mother out. we will rebuild. these things happen. >> the house was not so lucky, destroyed in the flames. kate said it was like being on a film set, accept the director never said cut. bbc news reporting. >> let's talk about the dominican republic. schools are being closed as communities along the coast of been evacuated as hurricane irene passes over the north of the country. people in haiti are preparing as well. it is generating winds of more than 150 kilometers per hour and is a category 2.
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thousands of people left with no power or water in puerto rico. let's return to libya. let's take you to live pictures just near green square. this is the front line. this is about 1 kilometre from green square, which has been renamed by the rebels as marxist square. fierce fighting continuing. there has been sporadic gunfire and a and heavy gunfire as well and explosions around this area. seif al-islam, who the rebels claimed they had captured yesterday, appeared overnight in tripoli. he said that pro gaddafi forces had broken the backbone of the rebels. we will be getting updates from our correspondents in and around tripoli throughout the course of the day and hear on bbc world
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news. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its
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